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French manufacturer
French manufacturer
Company certified ISO 9001
Company certified ISO 9001
MIAR certification
MIAR certification
Certified panel
Certif. 20.15.T1
Sprinkler control panel
Certified panel 2GA2P.12V Certif. 20.15.T1 Sprinkler control panel


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Choose reliability. Trust our technical know-how and benefit from our long experience as supplier of spare parts, accessories and maintenance equipment.


Products range
Pumps (water, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides) Bare shaft pumps, electric pumps, volume and flow meters

Coupling, cardans shaft, redactors, multipliers, clutches

Thermal : Petrol engines, new engines, parts and accessories Electric: Engines and parts

Electrical accessories
Starting units (direct, star delta, progressive, variable): starters, contactors, relays

Cables components 12V lights
Relays, temperature switches, pressure switches, starters and alternators

Trailer hitches
Hitches, coupling, push bars, mechanical and hydraulics, stabilizers

Batteries with or without acid, power cables, battery disconnect switches

Hoses and accessories, pumps, distributors, cylinders

Trailers and accessories
Axles, bogies, wheels, road or agricultural tyres, crutches, rings, ramps, signalling lights

Tractor parts
Seats, alternators, starters, clutches, engines and parts

Mechanical detergents, lubricants, cooling fluids, filters

2 GARENI Industrie,
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