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French manufacturer
French manufacturer
Company certified ISO 9001
Company certified ISO 9001
MIAR certification
MIAR certification
Certified panel
Certif. 20.15.T1
Sprinkler control panel
Certified panel 2GA2P.12V Certif. 20.15.T1 Sprinkler control panel


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Ideal for moderate climates or tropical areas, in small farms or agro-holdings, 2 Gareni Industrie relies on its experience to design the best water supply equipment.
The solutions offered by 2 GARENI Industrie are created to meet customers’ needs from generating sets for lateral move irrigation machines, breeding equipment, motor-driven pumps for huge pumping station, or emergency portable generators.
These soundproof equipment fit in any environment including the toughest ones.
Motor driven pumps / Engines for vertical axis pumps / power generators / electric pumps / alternators on power take-off

Testimony : Citi Adou Yao

Continuous development with products built for Africa
CITI (Ivorian company of industrial technology) has been working with 2 GARENI INDUSTRIE products for the past 7 years in Ivory Coast.

Growing business opportunities create strong competition, and 2 GARENI Industrie’s range of equipment gives us a wide choice in motor driven pumps and generating sets

Our partnership with 2 GARENI allows us to effectively answer our customers’ specific requirements. For their quality, prices and delivery times, 2 GARENI industrie brings us a considerable added value. The robustness and reliability of 2 Gareni products is very reassuring for the continuity of our activity in a more and more demanding market. Customer expectations are high in agro-industry, food-producing, research institutes, but also within associations, municipalities and regional councils as well as NGO and we are able to satisfy them with 2 Gareni Products.