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French manufacturer
French manufacturer
Company certified ISO 9001
Company certified ISO 9001
MIAR certification
MIAR certification
Certified panel
Certif. 20.15.T1
Sprinkler control panel
Certified panel 2GA2P.12V Certif. 20.15.T1 Sprinkler control panel

Mining industry

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2 Gareni Industrie is a strong partner in the mining industry.
A range of equipment has been designed for this industry: motor driven pumps, power generators, electric pumps, lighting towers, pumping stations.

2 Gareni Industrie’s customers also rely on products supplied through our network of retailers and selected by our purchasing centers: submerged pumps, thermal engines, spare parts, accessories.

Its worldwide network allows 2 Gareni Industrie to offer a wide choice of quality products and to support the development of its partners. 2 Gareni’s teams are trained to supervise mining projects, from installation, training on site staff and local companies.

2 Gareni Industrie supplies a lot of different companies: mining, drilling, sales and rental.

These products are available with various options to meet the specifications of the customers

Engines: Perkins, Iveco, Deutz ….
Pumps: Flygt, KSB, Millar, Grundfos
Alternators: Linz, Leroy Somer