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French manufacturer
Company certified ISO 9001
Company certified ISO 9001
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MIAR certification
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Sprinkler control panel
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Fire fighting

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2GI-Fire supports your development by protecting people and property against fire. Each client is unique. The risk assessment by our teams is based on a rigorous consideration of your environment and your specific needs.

Our efforts go in the same direction: We offer you equipments, systems and services that are efficient and reliable.

We are making :

- DIESEL MOTOR PUMP : Diesel 2GI-Fire motor pumps are designed for maximum robustness and reliability. We offer cooling bu radiator and blower or water-water exchanger using part of the discharge flow of the driven pump. Solutions for your many extinguishing systems : Sprinklet, fire hydrants, RIA Columns, Water curtains, foam, ceoncentrate... and according to the different standards.

- CONTROL PANEL :  2GI-Fire offers you different management and start-up box respecting the different standards in force (A2P, EN12845, NFPA, ...)

- ELECTRIC PUMPS : 2GI-Fire can offer you the full technical panel.

- SPECIAL MANUFACTURING : Put in container; Special manufacture of a custom soundproof fire container,  60 dB at 7 meters. It is equipped with two motor pumps with suction and discharge manifold, bladder balloon and pump, jockey for maintaining network pressure

- FIRE FIGHTING MOBILE RANGE : Serving firefighters.

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Testimony : INTELEC Toussaint Houghe

For 11 years INTELEC Company has built and installed hydraulic systems (lifting pumping stations, pump stations, drilling equipment, etc.) for housing, construction, industry, authorities and agriculture.

We have been working in partnership with 2 GARENI Industrie for several years, particularly for the supply of motor-driven pumps in construction of fire-fighting systems. This specific activity cannot suffer from approximation, and our equipment must be reliable and technically faultless. That is the reason why we have chosen 2 GARENI Industrie: their materials are robustly designed and the selection of well-known suppliers such as Iveco, Lister Petter or KSB is a guarantee of quality.

After-sales service, training and monitoring are very effective, and the technical support is provided by specialists. It is very securing for our activity.