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French manufacturer
French manufacturer
Company certified ISO 9001
Company certified ISO 9001
MIAR certification
MIAR certification
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Certif. 20.15.T1
Sprinkler control panel
Certified panel 2GA2P.12V Certif. 20.15.T1 Sprinkler control panel

Marine and off-shore

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2 GARENI Industrie range of products is widely used in marine and offshore rigs for pumping application, high pressurized cleaning system, pipeline testing, drilling and obviously supply of power.

With a robust design, this equipment matches perfectly the expectations of the clients in hostile environments.
2 GARENI Industrie machines are built for very specific applications from very strict specifications, and are renowned for their robustness and reliability.

Testimony : ORTEC Yves Salicis

Resistant material ORTEC Group business is based on 5 services: maintenance, new works, environmental services, engineering / management assistance, and facility management / logistics.

We have approximately 80 offices in France and around twenty offices abroad mainly in West Africa. Since 2006, we have been using 2 GARENI Industrie motor-driven pumps mainly for fire-fighting and water transfer on construction sites, offshore rigs and mines, mainly in Africa.

Delivery is short and the advantage of these equipment is to be resistant and with an easy maintenance. It is very much adapted to the user's country.