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French manufacturer
French manufacturer
Company certified ISO 9001
Company certified ISO 9001
MIAR certification
MIAR certification
Certified panel
Certif. 20.15.T1
Sprinkler control panel
Certified panel 2GA2P.12V Certif. 20.15.T1 Sprinkler control panel

Industry construction

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2 GARENI Industrie equipment was designed to meet specific expectations of  customers from industry, petrochemical industry, construction, telecommunications and mines.

Generating sets provide energy where there is no distribution, or not enough power. They can be manufactured for a particular use based on detailed technical specifications. Often used for wastewater treatment, 2 GARENI Industrie motor-driven pumps were designed to guarantee maximum ease of use, a very good soundproofing at minimised production costs.
The robust design of the machines guarantees optimal efficiency in severe operating conditions: cold, high temperatures, dust, etc.
Motor driven pumps / power generators / electric pumps / alternators on power take-off

Testimony : MENARD Olivier Haezebaut

Customised design

Our company specialises in compaction work on large building foundations. The process requires high performances pumps to project high pressurised water. For these water jetting pumps, we use 2 GARENI Industrie equipment designed according to our specifications.

Our core activity is particular and we need extremely specific materials. The 2 GARENI Industrie engineering department fulfilled all our requirements. We worked together on the design of our equipment and their know-how was very helpful. The use of the machines meets our expectations and we are very much satisfied with it.