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Research and development

A French manufacturer since 2002, 2Gareni Industrie designs and assembles motor-driven pumps, generator sets and control cabinets for professionals. Faithful to its values of listening, service and quality, 2Gareni Industrie continues to innovate in favor of sustainable development.

Our research and development efforts focus on 7 main areas

Sound proofing

2Gareni Industrie offers you solutions!

Your work may involve the use of noisy equipment. Since its creation, 2 Gareni Industrie has been developing and manufacturing soundproofing solutions for generator sets, motor pumps and electric pumps.

2 Gareni equipment is designed to reduce the noise generated by the activities of professionals, thus improving the comfort of all working environments. These products have been designed to comply with current standards: noise levels encountered by personnel in the workplace, and use in close proximity to neighbors.

2 Gareni offers a high-performance sound-absorbing enclosure that can be adapted to the entire range, reducing noise levels and improving working conditions while guaranteeing regulatory compliance of your installations.
The enclosure is a modular structure consisting of a profiled steel frame, folded under pressure, and soundproof walls.


Demanding quality!

As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, 2 GARENI Industrie has chosen to obtain ISO 9001 certification, and has implemented quality controls at every stage of the manufacturing process. This approach guarantees product compliance with the standards of the most demanding markets.

The ISO 9001 management system, fully integrated into the company’s strategy, involves monitoring all processes (sales, service and technical assistance, stock management, environmental standards and personal safety). Our company has received the renewal of sacertification 9001:2015.


Fire standard

This standard certifies the conformity of 2 GARENI Industrie equipment for fire-fighting in Europe.

2 Gareni fire engines meet the criteria required to protect public and visitor areas.

A2P Certification

Sprinkler cabinets

2 Gareni Industrie designs and manufactures increasingly high-performance solutions.

To meet the needs of all its customers, 2 Gareni Industrie offers a 2GA2P.12V sprinkler cabinet certified A2P by CNPP (certification no. 20.15.T1), which guarantees optimal operation in the most extreme conditions. This product is primarily intended for fire-fighting applications. Contact us for further information.

Solar energy

Solar-powered hybrid generation systems.

2 Gareni Industrie, in collaboration with Net4Sun, has developed an innovative electricity generation system.

It’s a solar hybrid system with photovoltaic panels combined with a generator. Specifically, during the day, the solar field charges the battery and provides the necessary power for consumers. At night, the batteries take over.

When the battery level is low, the generator is switched on to ensure continuous electricity production. This system makes the most of the characteristics of each energy source. Isolated sites can thus benefit from a high-quality, reliable electricity network.

Sustainable development

Patent pending for the vegetable oil-powered hybrid engine!

Today, the use of new energy sources is a matter of course. Renewable energies use inexhaustible flows of energy of natural origin (sun, wind, water, plant growth, etc.). It’s all about protecting the environment, but it’s also a major economic challenge.

2 GARENI Industrie innovates in favor of sustainable development. We now offer machines that run on biofuels.

The dual-combustion engine

Thanks to a solution patented by 2 GARENI Industrie, the company offers a dual-combustion vegetable oil/diesel engine as an option on all its generator sets and motor-driven pumps. Fully designed and adapted to the use of vegetable oil, this dual-combustion engine automatically manages both fuels. Pure vegetable oil, widely used by farmers, is a non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable and more economical fuel, which must however meet certain requirements (filtration, decantation, analysis).

2 GARENI Industrie offers safe and reliable tools, fully adapted to the use of these new fuels.

MIAR standards

New “road” approval for our rolling stock

The 2 GARENI teams are at your disposal to offer you products that comply with road traffic standards.

Depending on the application, 2 GARENI units can be assembled on agricultural trailers. The company has therefore decided to homologate them as “Matériels et Instruments Agricoles Remorqués” (MIAR) (towed agricultural equipment and implements) to guarantee their reliability and to comply with road traffic regulations.

2 GARENI’s trailers are approved for road use in accordance with European regulations, and are CE marked.

The MIAR standard applies to agricultural trailers fitted with STAGE V engines.


Installation in Abidjan

Commissioning of 2 GARENI Industrie generator sets for the "Vies & Logistique" bases for the construction of the Abidjan metro. Generating sets from 20 to 150kva. Thank you to all those involved and our local teams in this project

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Generator sets heading to Beauce (FR)

Heading for Beauce (France) for these generator sets designed to supply power for irrigation booms and pivot. GE22P 20/22kva Tri 400V 1500rpm soundproof generators - Perkins motor - Automatic start via GSM - Solar battery charger

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