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Purchasing center

Parts & accessories

2 Gareni Industrie distributors all over the world handle the distribution of new engines, alternators, pumps, electrical accessories, agricultural equipment and all your spare parts, as well as logistics and administrative formalities.

The central purchasing office is open to industrialists, professionals and private individuals, whether or not they are already equipped with 2 Gareni Industrie products.

Icone flottante

2Gareni Industrie, manufacturer and assembler, is its own most demanding customer.

Choose reliability. Rely on our technical know-how and benefit from our expertise when purchasing spare parts, accessories and maintenance equipment.

Our central purchasing units are open to industrial, professional and private customers, whether or not they are already equipped with 2Gareni Industrie equipment.

Product ranges

Pumps and electric pumps

Water, hydrocarbons, nitrogen

Bare shaft pumps, electric pumps, flow meters and volumetric pumps.

Internal combustion and electric motors

Thermal: ES engines, new engines, parts and consumables.

Electric: new motors and parts.

Electrical and electronic components

Lighting, flashing lights, relays, pressure switches, single contacts, starters and alternators

Spare parts (excluding tractor)

Fixed and weld-on ball joints, 3-point pins, pushbars, mechanical and hydraulic, stabilizers

Electrical cabinets and enclosures

Enclosures (direct start, star-delta, variable progressive): starters, contactors, relays, cables.

Accessories and trailers

Axles, bogies, wheels, agricultural and road tires, stands, rings, lighting and signaling ramps

Tractor and construction machinery parts: seats, alternators, starters, clutches, displacement, engine blocks

Transmission: couplings, cardan shafts and accessories, gearboxes and multipliers, clutches

Hydraulics: hoses and accessories, hydraulic pumps, distributors, cylinders

Consumables and miscellaneous

Concentrated mechanical detergent, lubricant, coolant, filtration: original all makes and adaptable

Batteries: acid and acid-free batteries, power cables, battery cutters.